Parylene Benefits and why it should be on EVERYTHING.

Parylene is the generic name for the unique series of polymers based on paraxylene. In recent years, Parylene has gained immense popularity, and is being used in essentially every industry worldwide.

The parylenes are formed by the pyrolysis of a di-p-xylene (dimer) in a vacuum environment. This vapor is then deposited onto the room temperature item that’s within the vacuum chamber. The vapor phase deposition of the parylene polymer allows it to be formed as a continuous film which is truly conformal to the structure of the surface of the material upon which it is being deposited.

The entire application process is carried out at room temperature helping to alleviate temperature stress.

Unlike liquid coatings, parylene uniformly coats all corners, sharp points and hard to reach crevices. It is fully conformal on any type of surface material and design because of it excellent adhesion properties. Plus, it is pinhole free which provides an unmatched barrier protection to oxygen, moisture, chemicals, solvents, and carbon dioxide.

Not only does parylene films provide a superior protection but it is Mil-l-46058C, FDA approved, and NASA approved (no outgassing).

Due to the parylene’s deposition process and characteristics it makes it ideal for a large number of applications & industries:
-Circuit Boards
-LED Assemblies

Any product in a harsh environment should be coated in parylene. It prolongs the performance life of the device and provides sustainability.

No matter if your product is for consumers or industrial use, consumers expect items to last. Our conformal coating will extend products’ durability for both every day and harsh environments.

Our parylene coating could also help the assurance of your product quality which would benefit your customers and helps encourage more purchases. This would also be beneficial to your business by potentially minimizing costs associated with warranties and repairs.

Unprotected devices will fail and most times end in the trash. Taking the extra step to protect it in a our conformal coating can help reduce the buildup of waste and the loss of valuable components.

Blog written by Marketing Manager – Emily Waterhouse

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