Parylene Conformal Coating: The Elite Protective Barrier

Posted by Scott Curtis on Friday, March 24, 2017

In an amusing scene from the sports drama film, The Blind Side, Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) tells Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) to treat his quarterback and his fellow teammates as family members, and protect them at all costs. These words of encouragement and support are exactly what Michael needed to boost his confidence and drive him to better develop his skills.


Mrs. Tuohy helps Michael realize his potential as a football player by reminding him of his protective instincts and she uses this insight to convert him into a formidable force on the gridiron. This instinct becomes the key factor in Michael’s strong play as an offensive tackle and helps lead to the success of the high school football team.


The role of the offensive linemen during a pass play is to make a barrier around the quarterback to give him time to complete a pass. Tackles, and especially left tackles, tend to be the elite positions on the offensive line. Left tackle in particular is crucial as this lineman protects the blindside of a right-handed QB. The quarterback relies on his left tackle to protect him from pass rushers. Similarly, the role of Parylene coating is to create a durable protective barrier around a device to protect it from harsh environmental conditions. Parylene is the elite conformal coating for the protection of devices, components and surfaces, improving functionality, reliability and extending the life of your product. Parylene’s outstanding barrier properties play a key part in its superior protection.

Parylene Deposition Process
PCT applies Parylene to products using a three-stage chemical vapor deposition process where we can coat virtually any surface improving the life span of the product. Parylene offers protection against moisture, humidity, UV rays, chemicals, gases and solvents. Parylene coatings are applied in ultra-thin layers, pinhole-free and are extremely lightweight, offering excellent barrier properties without adding dimension or significant mass to delicate components. Parylene does not require a curing process so products are coated at room temperature throughout. Moreover, the coatings are effectively stress-free.

The physical properties of Parylene and the deposition method allows Parylene to form a pin-hole free film on the subject substrate. Therefore, it provides an exceptional barrier to both liquids and gases. The table below lists the gas permeability characteristics of Parylene N and C and also shows its typical values.


These barrier properties make Para-Coat Technologies Parylene coatings the ideal choice for a number of applications throughout high reliability industries including automotive, electronics, medical device, military and aerospace.

Parylene N
In general, Parylene N is selected where lubricity and high crevice penetration are required. Parylene N, although less frequently employed as barrier chemistry than Parylene C, has certain properties that favor its use in several applications, particularly as a coating for select medical products and elastomers. In addition, Parylene N has a high dielectric strength and a dielectric constant value that is relatively independent of frequency, a property useful for RF (Radio Frequency) applications.

Parylene C
As a coating, Parylene C is favored over all other types by a significant margin and is used in virtually all industry segments. Parylene C has a higher temperature resistance (80°C, in air, long term) as compared to Parylene N, as well as a higher deposition rate and improved barrier properties. Parylene C is appropriate to most medical coating applications because of its moisture barrier properties, gas low permeability, and best overall performance. However, the gap-fill (crevice penetration) properties are not as good as Parylene N.

Some Products that benefit from Parylene Coatings:

  • Bobbins
  • Circuit Boards
  • Catheters
  • Elastomers
  • LED Panels
  • O-Rings & Polymer Seals
  • Sensors

Parylene is the elite protective barrier benefiting a variety of different products that demand the highest levels of protection. With its non-liquid properties, versatility and strength, it is the perfect choice for your coating needs. In many cases, the application of Parylene is crucial to the functionality of the product and will help boost its reliability and performance where otherwise failure might occur. At Para-Coat Technologies, we guarantee our Parylene coatings will protect your products at all costs. Furthermore, we promise that our quoting is fair and competitive, so you won’t be “blindsided” by the price.

For more information about our Parylene coatings and services, contact us today. We’ll gladly do you a favor and explain how our Parylene types are expertly designed to more specifically meet your needs. You’ll thank us later.

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