Protect the Future of LEDs with Parylene!

Posted by Scott Curtis on Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What exactly are LEDs?
LEDs (light emitting diodes) are miniaturized solid state technologies that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and small in size. Today’s LED technology can be found in a wide array of applications from large video displays, transportation signage, outdoor illumination, vehicle lighting and all the way down to the latest technology in smart cell phone displays. The never ending goal of LED technology is to make all types of displays brighter, longer lasting and more dimensional.

LED Lighting is undoubtedly the future of lighting. For example, LEDs have become well-established in automotive and aerospace industries for both interior and exterior lighting applications. The benefits of small size, low power consumption, and long life make them very attractive. However, for every LED application, there’s often a harsh environment waiting to impact its long-term performance. This presents a variety of complications for LEDs because most are susceptible to the elements, particularly heat, ultraviolet rays and moisture. Other types of coatings have been used to offer a measure of protection, but they typically add weight, don’t penetrate all crevices, are not pinhole free, or they distort light emanating from the LEDs. Therefore, the standard for protecting LEDs is a growing issue as their use continues to expand.

Coat your LEDs with Parylene!
Parylene (XY), an industrial coating for LED cards, circuit boards and all other things that are LED related, but need protection from the elements can protect like no other without any of the problems that standard conformal coatings have. Conformal coatings such as, acrylics (AR), silicones (SR), urethanes (UR), and potting compounds were sufficient for older types of electronic assemblies. However, liquid coatings are often uneven and thus, may have voids, which are pathways for moisture to get through to the underlying circuit board and cause performance failure of the LEDs. These failures can be expensive when considering the large number of LED boards used in many digital display and video signage. Additionally, the heaviness of many standard coatings is a drawback as they can induce stresses to delicate components.

Parylene offers a coating alternative that has excellent moisture and dielectric barrier properties. Parylene is a unique coating in that it provides quality on multiple fronts and can help extend the life of LED lights. The parylene coating is UV resistant, heat resistant, ultra-thin and perfectly conformal, and provides long-term protection for the full product life regardless of the size or complexity of the end product. In fact, no other coating material can be applied as thinly as Parylene and still provide the same level of protection.

Parylene is so small on the molecular level that it can get into all surfaces, nooks, crannies, and crevices to truly protect what it’s protecting. Not only is it reliable, efficient and adherent to even the most difficult of surfaces free of pinholes, it is also extremely lightweight. This is an important factor when considering the overall weight of LED displays.

Why Parylene coating is the best choice:

  • It withstands humidity and dust and protects sensitive electronics from rough environmental conditions
  • Excellent thermal stability up to 450°C
  • Excellent dielectric qualities
  • Optically transparent
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • High UV stability
  • Ultra-light material – Greatly reduces overall weight

The specific properties of Parylene make it ideal for protecting LEDs because this coating is able to protect against many threats that other coatings cannot. Parylene has strong temperature resistance, meaning that it will continue to function in temperature extremes without impacting LED performance. Furthermore, Parylene can simultaneously protect against moisture, corrosion, chemicals, abrasions, and more while other coatings would only be able to offer defense from one or two threats at a time. Parylene conformal coatings provide unsurpassed protection for many LED applications today, ensuring high reliability and achieving longer life for customer end products, thereby reducing overall cost of maintenance, repair and replacement.

LEDs are designed to be reliable making them ideal for all types of lighting replacements, from industrial and municipal to residential and within all types of consumer devices. They will continue to grow in popularity due to both their low energy consumption and their ecological benefits. LEDs have an extremely long lifetime, and they are fairly resistant when it comes to everyday wear and tear; however, for LEDs that must function in extreme conditions all day, every day, and for many years to come, it’s important to provide that extra protection. Fortunately, PCT Parylene protective conformal coating can do that and more.

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