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Now, I know what you’re thinking and no I’m not talking about that kind of gas.  Yes, outgassing is a release of any trapped gas […]

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What Dielectrics Are & Why You Might Need Them

08/20/2021 Written by Marketing Manager Emily Waterhouse What they are Dielectrics are insulators, which would be materials like glass and plastic. Insulators are poor conductors […]

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Tin Whiskers, everything we think you should need to know

Welcome to our weekly blog! We’re steering this week towards other structures that our coatings protect against that aren’t normally asked about, unless of course, […]

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What a Cleanroom is & the Kind We Use

Welcome to our weekly blog! This week we are shifting completely from coating and going straight into cleanrooms. No not that kind! I’m talking about […]

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Liquid Coatings

Written by Marketing Manager Emily Waterhouse 07/23/2021  We talk a lot about Parylene on here and that’s great. She’s the star of the show. But […]

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Medical ISO13485:2016 Breakdown

Written by Marketing Manager Emily Waterhouse 07/13/2021 When you grew up did your parent(s) have a set of standards that you needed meet? Your room […]

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The Types of Maskings for Circuit Boards

When you go to paint your living room walls, you always tape off important areas. Don’t want paint in your wall socket or on your […]

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Parylene’s Deposition Rate & Application Time

What’s Parylene Again?  Parylene is a polymer based off of paraxylene. Parylene is formed from the pyrolysis of the powder dimer (di-p-xylene) in a vacuum […]

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Removal Process of Conformal Coatings

What are Conformal Coatings?  Conformal coatings are a protective chemical coating of polymeric material applied in thin layers to printed circuit boards (PCBAs) and electronic […]

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The Difference between N & C

In our last post we talked about what parylene was and it’s many benefits. However, we didn’t talk about the fact we use 2 different […]

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