Parylene Barrier Properties

Properties of Parylene

The physical properties of Parylene and the deposition method allows Parylene to form a pin-hole free film on the subject substrate. Therefore, it provides an exceptional barrier to both liquids and gases. The table below lists the gas permeability characteristics of Parylene N and C and also shows its typical values.

Data obtained following appropriate ASTM methods

Properties of Parylene Parylene N Parylene C
Data obtained following appropriate ASTM methods
Typcial Barrier Properties
Gas Permability
cm3- mil/100 in2-24hr – atm (23°C)
Nitrogen 7.7 0.95
Oxygen 30 7.1
Carbon dioxide 214 7.7
Hydrogen sulfide 795 13
Sulfur dioxide 1.89 11
Chlorine 74 0.35
Moisture Vapor Transmission 1.50 0.14
g-mil/100 in2-24hr, 37°C, 90% RH
1 mil = 1/1000 in = 25.4 microns

Technical Data Sheet: PCT Properties of Parylene

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